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J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham


We approach every project with equal passion and commitment, providing comprehensive project management assistance from beginning to end, handling all aspects to allow you to concentrate on other responsibilities.

J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
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Transform Your Kitchen and Upgrade Your Space

Kitchens Design & Installation

Re-model your space with a custom-designed kitchen tailored specifically to your home. Our skilled team employs exceptional craftsmanship and utilizes top-notch materials to guarantee that your desires are fulfilled, resulting in a space you can take pride in for many years to come.

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Bringing Your Vision & Space To Life

Commercial Joinery Design

We specialize in creating and installing designs that will turn your home or workspace into a masterpiece. Our primary goal is to pay close attention to every detail throughout the project, while also valuing and respecting your environment.

J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
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Creating Unique Spaces For Your Property

Custom Home Interiors

We transform interior spaces in both modern and classic homes on a weekly basis helping you revolutionize your living spaced. This includes custom media units and box ins, skirting, wood panelling, stud walls and much more.

Wooden Stairs

Giving You A Fresh Look With Functionality

Wardrobes & Storage Spaces

Design a personalized walk-in or wardrobe unit tailored to your precise measurements. Construct a custom-built storage space beneath the stairs, utilizing top-notch materials and ensuring a superior level of quality that will endure for many years.

J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham
Transform Your Interior Spaces With Custom Joinery Services
J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham

We offer a wide range of new wooden flooring options, such as real wood, parquet, laminate, and engineered flooring. 

Our services encompass the customization and planning of unique flooring, the removal and disposal of existing floors, the preparation of the subfloor to guarantee a completely even and smooth surface, and finally, the installation of your new flooring.

J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham

Every staircase we create is designed to fit perfectly into your home and compliment the space, as well as your budget.


Whether you prefer a contemporary and sleek design or a timeless and elegant style, just let us know your preferences and we will bring your vision to life.

J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham

We offer an extensive selection of stud plasterboard partition walls suitable for both residential and commercial clients.

Our internal partition solutions seamlessly blend into your current living or work space and complement your existing decor.

J Kitchens & Joinery Ltd - Nottingham

Bespoke Garden Homes

Hand-Crafted Modern Rooms & Offices

Our team can create exquisite, completely customizable garden rooms, garden offices, garden studios, and custom outdoor garden structures. Each one is completely bespoke to the client or property. Whether your looking for a micro office/work studio, a modern storage building or even a bespoke bar we create each one from design to installation.

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